Meet Mason Baer

Personal Trainer and Coach


My name is Mason Baer, CEO of MB Training Systems. This site was built to enable you to be in contact with me either as a fan or client and to follow my journey of bodybuilding and fitness.  I am a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and contest prep coach. I am certified through the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers as well as the National Academy of Sports Medicine. My specialties include corrective exercise, hypertrophy training, as well as maximal strength and power training.

I competed in bodybuilding for the first time as a teenager. Since then, I have researched and studied training and nutrition to better equip myself and my clients with the most up-to-date and advanced techniques for both training and nutrition, as well as supplementation.

In December of 2015 I was developing severe migraines and neck pain. After a visit to my chiropractor I was told that I had a minor tear in my C7 disc but was assured it would heal on its own. Six months had gone by but the pain had only gotten worse, and to top it of my right tricep was no longer functioning at that point.

This put a halt on all pressing movements for 9 months. An MRI in July of 2016 confirmed that the minor tear was in fact a complete tear and a severe herniation of the remaining halves of the disc. This was causing an impingement of both my spinal cord and my right c7 nerve root. On September 13th of 2016 I underwent a surgery to pull out the remnants of my c7 disc and to have a titanium artificial disc implanted. After 10 weeks of physical therapy I was back to training.

With my knowledge of adaptable training and corrective exercise, it was exactly three months after my surgery that I squatted 3x my body weight for the first time. Since my return to the gym I enlisted the services of renowned prep coach Matt Jansen and am currently on the road to making a full recovery with an eventual return to the bodybuilding stage. We have a plan, and that plan is what most competitors only dream of…   And I am going to document every step to show you how I make it there.


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